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The company Maestro Musical Wood is based in 1990. Our specialization is based on professional working out of musical resonant wood and manufacturing of resonant boards for the piano, grand pianos, acoustic and electric guitars, and also all spectrum of bow instruments (a violin, altos, violoncellos, bass).

Prefixes to a brand "Maestro" Musical Wood, Sound Board, "Carpathians", RMF have designated development marks on a way of progress of the company.

The Ukrainian Carpathians medium-altitude mountains, mostly with roundish tops and ridges. The nature has generously presented with their numerous minerals, important for economy development. Carpathians are extremely rich with mineral sources. From both parties of a range in foothills resorts are located. Magic of these mountains involves for a long time admirers of the nature, tourists. The one who has once visited edge, on all life still has unforgettable impressions about multi-colored mountain valleys, surprising rocky creations, high-mountainous lakes, underground caves, picturesque beechen and woods.

But from the nature protection point of view the greatest riches and pride of Carpathians are high-efficiency woods. The height of separate fir-trees and the firs growing at height to 1400 meters above sea level, reaches here 50 meters, diameter of a trunk - 1,5 meters. Productivity coniferous woods in 3-4 times exceeds woods of Siberia. Here our manufacture also settles down. In these parts there was exclusively favourable environment for formation of resonant properties of wood which are necessary for manufacturing of our production.

Some years ago our company has started expansion of the manufacture, for the purpose of increase in quantity of let out production at preservation of quality of resonant properties. The last has demanded from the company of the organization of own laboratory for research of all properties and quality of wood.


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